Each series of figures represent and symbolize roles, cultural norms and expectations in which society places upon us. While each casting is created as a unique individual entity, there still exists a strict sense of conformity among the figures.

My installations reflect the thought patterns, habits and overall influences that affect our innate ability to change. My pieces are not only about the emotions of human existence, but also how we reconcile our thoughts to better fit our lives in the outside world.

I am deeply interested in patterns. Patterns both in creation as well as their inevitable annihilation. In my work, these disruptions of expectations occur through shadow play and subtle movement. Meaning is showcased by the body and the body becomes the source of active expression.

In essence, these figures are creating the story of humanity. They are expressing a narrative of the deep potential of the individual, in which any viewer can relate to. Each installation provides a new evolution into the lives of my created characters.