• Conceptualist Emily Kimball invests surreal dream energy into 300 cast statuettes of generically perfect females hung from the ceiling. Through a set variety of recast positions they indulge eternally and exuberantly in the pastime of swimming in air, raising questions of societal conformity versus individuality, and what exactly suspends women’s empowerment. Reminiscent in number and similitude to Magritte’s floating umbrella-fellas, this is an installation from the edges of an unconscious mind articulated in response to the physiological experience of having a body, and a gender in a so-called civilized society. In a similar, though less subtle vein Kimball explores the male anatomy through another series of cast-from-the-same-mold multiples of mini-bodybuilders, flexing both biceps and large erect penises. This amusing manifestation of not-so-individualized male egos reads as more bizarre and deliberately subversive than her idealized cloud of flying females. Though like each of her high-flying beauties, these super-buff, well hung posers, ask smart questions concerning the not so conscious expectations the mainstream places on men, straining forever under the weight of too much Viagra, protein powder, genital-centrism, and gender-bias.

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    - Jon Carver

  • Emily Kimball: Houses and Dolls

    Emily Kimball's prettily painted dollhouses in candy colors highlight both the fantasy attraction of easy home ownership and the (un)reality of the current mortgage crisis in which more than half of American homeowners are upside down.

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    - THE Magazine 2009

  • Accidental Art Shows Santa Fe at Its Best

    Emily's Artists Studio tour arranges for visitors to meet local artists and watch them work in their own milieu. "It's a treat, like going into a laboratory," says Emily Kimball, who is herself an artist. "It's completely different from going to a gallery. You have the truth standing right before you."

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    - 2010

  • Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art: Feminist Art Base: Emily Kimball

    Emily Kimball is a native of Santa Fe, New Mexico who struck out on her own to build her artistic career. She boldly decided to forego art school in favor of dedicating more time to producing art while supporting herself working as an assistant and a studio manager. Her hard work resulted in her first exhibition at Niman Gallery in Santa Fe in 2003. Since then, she has been featured in most major art fairs nationwide, including Miami Art Basel.

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    - Brooklyn Art Museum 2014

  • Catch a Wave

    A 13th-century Italian proverb notes that "time and tides wait for no one," and Emily Kimball`s subtly colored acrylic paintings of abstracted seascapes echo that observation. Reminiscent of Turner`s seascapes of the 19th century, Kimball`s works also reference the color-field painting movement that began with 1950s abstract expressionism. Her artworks, comprised of long drips of liquid acrylics that traverse the lengths of her mostly horizontal canvases, express a sense of dynamic tranquility. By varying colors and tones in her essentially minimalist approach, she captures the effects of ocean waves, light, and weather with a sense of harmony.

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    - Southwest Art Kristin Bucher 2006